22 March2020

May you all be safe during these trying times!

06 March 2020
Broken 8 Records in Australia have done a stupendous review of
AMARU's new single "
Never". Access the review via this link.

25 February 2020

AMARU releases his most personal single yet, a remixed version of his song "Never", dedicated to the memory of his maternal grandmother, who passed away from breast cancer back in 1981. AMARU recorded some additional vocals for this new mix and the song is released on this day specifically, since this was the day of his grandmother's home going.
The press release for "
Never" on Music Industry News Network can be accessed via this link.
The press release for "Never" on
Independent Music & Arts, Inc. can be accessed via this link.
Watch the music video below or access it on Youtube via
this link.