14 September 2020
New York City
based music review blog and artist development company "Indie Band Guru" 
has just published a
review of AMARU's new single "Tell Me (Radio Mix)".
Follow this link to read the review

01 September 2020
premieres his brand new music video for his new single "Tell Me". 
Watch the video in 4K via
this link.

29 August 2020
releases his 11th. single to date, the radio mix of the politically charged track "Tell Me".
Tell Me" is about injustice, war, pollution, homelessness, chaos and related global issues, which are
perfectly illustrated in the accompanying
music video, which will make its debut on 1 September 2020 
on AMARU's official Youtube channel AMARU MUSIC. 

10 June 2020

The music video for AMARU's single "Never" and his documentary "For The Record: The Making Of "Champagne Attitude" "
are both nominated for an award
at the"Prague International Monthly Film Festival".

06 June 2020
Check out the Instagram version of AMARU's new TV commercial for the Talpa TV network "KIJK"
The version made for television differs from this version.
this link to watch the INSTAGRAM version of this commercial.
this link to watch the TELEVISED version of this commercial.